East Europe Bending Seminar 2019

On October 15th-16th, more than 70 customers coming from many different East European countries gathered at DAVI headquarters for a two-day event focused on presenting the know-how and expertise of the company in rolling both plates and sections.

On day 1, the clients had the occasion to know more about the history of DAVI and find out the whole product range as well as all the industries where DAVI plate roll and angle roll can find an application. After this session of presentations, in full open house style, the doors of the company were unlocked and everybody had the chance to walk around the workshop and see a sparkling working environment: all the ongoing activities have been shown transparently, from the training on a special machine to the loading on a truck, from the final acceptance test to the disassembling of a machine to be delivered soon. The company tour was then completed with a rolling demonstration in the workshop. A team of 3 dedicated technicians showed the rolling process on both a 4 roll and a 3 roll variable axis, and they were ready to reply all questions on CNC, rolling steps and automation of the machines.

On day 2, the tour of the company continued with the visit at DAVI logistic center and warehouse, where the customers saw first-hand 11,000 OEM and spare parts ready to be delivered on a 24h basis. Afterwards, two technical sessions were presented: the first one was an overview of the wind energy market, while the second one was a focus on section bending machines. In this regard, the seminar headed towards the end with another live demo in the workshop: in this case, two section bending machines were in the spotlight. The latest technologies shown sparkled a lot of interest and the 3 technicians were glad to answer to the many questions asked by the customers. The event then was concluded by final remarks and lots of individual meetings aimed at deepening the different aspects showed up during the seminar.

DAVI Team were glad to welcome all the customers and show the company and all the latest innovations on products!